I’m Really Enjoying My New Frame Loom

I’ve decided to continue weaving table mats on my new loom. I really love the ability to adjust the size of the loom for each individual piece.

For this weaving, I’m using a variegated yarn for the warp and a blue chunky yarn for the weft. I’ve also adjusted the loom to a 24 inch square.

I’m waiting on more chunky yarn to arrive, and plan to begin weaving small rugs on my peg loom. I’m also enjoying weaving with chunky yarns.


13 thoughts on “I’m Really Enjoying My New Frame Loom

  1. So sorry. Typo. I purchased various weaving books from the 70s. The dictionary on my phone sometimes burps out the wrong words. But, I did try eating venison once, and it’s awful! 😀 Mary

  2. Venison weaving? I’ve not heard of that. I did enjoy it – I love learning new things and I think I’ve tried most crafts over the years, but I also recognise when I don’t have quite the gift for something 🙂 I love seeing what real weavers make.

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